Thoughts and Prayers Are Not Working

I dunno about you, but I am growing tired of “thoughts and prayers”. We need more action and love.

Another day, another city and another tragedy. On April 23rd, 2018 In the City of Toronto, 10 people are mowed down by a malicious driver. His intent not immediately known, but really, who cares? 10 people are dead, he acted alone because we didn’t act sooner. We only thought about it last time, maybe even prayed about it.

“Thoughts and prayers.”

The cliche in social media is becoming overwhelmingly annoying as each tragedy strikes. Oh and then the #INSERTCITYNAMEHERESTRONG finds itself tagged onto the end of every post. Every celebrity, organization and authority of power presses to show support by throwing out the template-like words, I swear, we must be getting close to having an app for that.

“Thoughts and prayers.”

A thought and a prayer are one in the same. Each is intangible in affecting change in the world. Offering these cookie-cutter messages in support of a cause is no more different then just saying “My wish is for world peace.” We all do! But unless you are willing to stand up and make a change in your life and then inspire others to do the same, offering your thoughts and prayers is frivolous and self-serving.

In a social media driven world, inspiring change to those in your virtual circle has never been easier. If your message is clear and your desire to spread it is relentless, then reaching those at critical points in their lives to avoid creating tragedies can be done. You are never alone with your thoughts, so spread them, put yourself out there and help others with your experiences. People learn and grow during times of peace, they mindlessly react during times of tragedy.

So please stop your mindless messages of “thoughts and prayers” during times of tragedy, take action to prove to the world that you do care by sharing your feelings during the down times. Offer your hand, your voice, your energy and your love every day. I guarantee someone, somewhere, will be listening and maybe, just maybe, their thoughts will change.




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