7 Quick Tips To Live Lucky

Living a life of luck comes from your desire to find it. Luck doesn’t fall from the sky, it is earned.

Blind luck is bullshit. When you believe that everyone else has all of the luck and you are left with none, you are giving up. You are in control of your destiny, your life and you are in control of creating your own luck. Nobody can win a lottery without buying a ticket, and by purchasing a ticket, you are creating your luck. Life is no different. You cannot live a fulfilled and happy life if you don’t invest yourself in it. Luck doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by creation.

Here are some tips to live a lucky life:

Listen to your instincts, not your intelligence.

One of the worst outcomes of human behavior is our need to be right. We are in constant search for validation; even within our own minds. What we see and what we believe are in constant battle, so we often listen to our intelligence to gauge what we are seeing. If we only trusted our instincts instead of our intelligence, we would have a deeper understanding of our world and could choose our own luck in life.

Be honest.

You can never go wrong with being an honest person. Sure, some people cannot handle honesty, but those are people you don’t want to surround yourself with. People who cannot handle honesty, are not honest themselves. When you are honest with yourself and everyone around you, your purity will result in you having a much more manageable life and luck, will always be on your side.

Never settle. Always change.

When you are not moving forward, you are falling back. Always choose the path of improvement over the path of admiring your work. Yes, you should still appreciate the effort that you have put into something, but that does not mean you must stop and figure it a success. Don’t settle for your life, no matter how dark it may seem at times, you have the control of change, however small it may be. It is when you accept evolution that your luck will soon follow suit.

Push comforts.

Being comfortable is excellent when you are about to settle down for the evening to read a book or watch some documentary on Netflix. But being comfortable with the limitations of your life is deadly. Your luck is never found when you are comfortable, like a craps table in Las Vegas; you have to be risky and uncomfortable in placing a bet to push your luck.

Never give up.

Life always rewards persistence. When you are relentless about something important to you, you will make it happen, it is inevitable. Just how far are you willing to go? So many of us quit just before the finish line, only because we occupy ourselves with trying to find it and become discouraged when we can’t. Your luck in finding the finish line comes from the endless desire to keep running and not from the continuous effort in finding it.

Give away your talent.

If you keep taking from your world, your world will keep taking from you. It is a neverending cycle of robbing Peter to pay Paul. The only way to buck the trend and change your luck is to give. Life is all about balance. Give away what you are strong at, and luck will see to it that you are given back what you are weak at.

Have a purpose, prioritized accordingly.

So many of us are living each day without purpose. Just content with living each day as if we have a million more, or in some cases wishing we had none. Find your purpose, however small or big, and stick with it. Rally behind your purpose by aligning everything you do to feed it. Prioritize the actions in your day to feed only your purpose first, then if there is time leftover, find ways to help someone else with theirs. Luck always rewards those who know what they are doing, some folks really do have all the luck, only because they created it with their focus.


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