Living To Chase Friday

Do you spend your week wishing that today is Friday? Too bad, I wish I had your days and moments to waste.

How many days until Friday is it?

So many of us live our weeks by the days left until Friday. Then we count backwards to the days until Monday. Life becomes a never-ending cycle of Monday blues and Friday yays! It’s a terrible way to live, only two days of seven are thought to be joyful.

I used to be like this, in fact, there were many Sundays evenings where I would literally get a migraine from the stress of dreading the Monday morning. By Wednesday, I was in full-on countdown mode, by the time Friday came, I was so exhausted from the anticipation, I didn’t even feel excited that the weekend was here. My bridged dreadfulness of my work-life got so bad, that I started to countdown the days between vacations.

My life flew by.

Before I knew it, five years had passed, and at best, I really only lived a few months of it. My constant Friday chasing left me with never appreciating the moment. Yeah, I didn’t really like my job, but in reality, I never gave it a chance! I was too focused on the days ahead to focus on the moments that gave me joy now. I really believe that this bad habit set the stage for me to develop a nasty life of anxiety.

Eventually, even Friday’s sucked.

At the height of my anxiety, I was barely sleeping, I was always irritable, and I had absolutely no excitement for the future. Fridays didn’t matter as it meant Sunday would soon be here and I would be miserable on Monday. Friday’s only meant I was closer to Monday! Every day became a chore, and it wasn’t until I realized that I was nearing my mid-thirties and for a decade, I didn’t have any lasting memories, I wasn’t making them. My mind was stuck solely on tomorrow.

It took deliberate practice, but I decided that to remove the horrid of Monday morning would have to replace my dread habit with a healthy one. So, I released blog posts, every Monday morning. It gave me something to look forward to, I was giving something to my world, and it was being received. My Monday morning began to feel good. Eventually, after a few months, I liked Monday mornings. But, they were still four days away from Friday.

To clear out the other anxious day counting, I joined a gym with scheduled classes. Sure, it sucked at first, but I had heard exercise helped with anxiety. Low-and-behold, after a month of daily workouts, I could feel my anxiety lifting. I looked forward to my exercise class at the same time, every day. I no longer cared if it was Tuesday, Sunday or Friday. Every day I had something to look forward to.

It didn’t take long, I began to forget about Friday.

Getting into the habit of counting down the days until Friday is one that I feel robs us of our lives. Yes, some of our jobs suck, but to waste our lives living weekend to weekend is not a way to make them any better. When we live Friday to Friday, it doesn’t take long before a new job begins to suck. Find ways to enlighten every day by doing something joyful. Stick with it, change it if it starts to lose its lustre, but stick with it. Stop living to chase Friday as the key to your happiness and find your joy in those brief moments that you dedicate to you.

No matter how much you try, you will never find happiness once you catch a Friday.; they only bait you into hating Monday.



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