Make the Most from Your Heartbeat

A recent vacation not only rested my mind, it rested my heart. Reflecting on what that meant, I found that I am not in alignment.

We are born with a limited amount of heartbeats. Imagine, if you were given the number of heartbeats that you would have in your lifetime. How would that change things? Would you take better care of your body, your mind and your heart?

I know that I have so many heartbeats in this lifetime, the number really doesn’t matter to me. But what does matter is that with every beat of my heart, I must be doing everything in my power to ensure that that beat was worth it.

Recently I had purchased a fitness watch and on it has my average daily resting heart rate. To say that I am fascinated by this number would be an understatement. It is not an anxious fascination where I am scared the moment my heartbeat climbs, it is merely a healthy one. One that makes me realize that I am in fact alive!

The Friday before my weeklong vacation started, my resting heart rate was set at 52 beats per minute (bpm). That is low for many people, and I am either blessed or cursed with a low resting heart rate, I am not sure as I am not a doctor. All I know is that my heart is beating and from what I see, it is doing its job. The amazing thing to me is how much it dropped as my vacation rolled along.

By the 4th day of my weeklong vacation, my resting heart rate had dropped to 48 bpm. I was in the middle of a family trip to the downtown Manhattan, and my heart rate was dropping! By the 7th day of my vacation, I was back at home, and it had fallen further to 45 bpm. My heart rate had dropped almost 15% while I was on vacation. WOW!

It climbed back up to 51 beats per minute one day back into my post-vacation life. Bummer.

It is incredible just how much our lifestyles affect our health. I was dramatically reminded that if I keep living the way that I do, my life will be cut short by about 15%. I realize that this is quite a general equation as there are obviously more factors that can affect my outcome. But, if I am given a set amount of heartbeats during my life; I am currently using more than I should.

Can I live a life of no stress? No. Can I live a life of permanent vacation? Probably not. Can I live a life ensuring that my mind and heart are aligned enough to protect them from burnout? YES!

What I learned from my week of vacation is that I still have a long way to go to ensure that my heart and mind are correctly aligned. When our brain is in alignment with our soul by doing what we love, then it will not require as much energy and effort from our heart in which to process thought. Our brain is a master manipulator of our heart, and our anxious thoughts are its antagonists.

Dedicate your life to finding and then doing what enlightens you. The side-effect is that you might just save enough heartbeats to outlive the life that you once believed that you were meant to live.



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