Routines Are Not Meant to Be Followed

When you allow your routine to ruin your moment, then it’s no longer a routine, it’s an addiction.

On a recent family vacation, I had found myself in a minor state of mayhem. I was enjoying every minute away with my family, but I was feeling a slight bit of guilt that I was not following my regular routine, a routine that has given me much stability over the years.

Gone was the strict wake-up time routines, gone was my usual breakfasts and drive to work routine. Gone were my daily workouts and my blog writing pow-wows. Gone were my routines! I was at the perilous mercy of a helter-skelter life! I had no routine, and it felt weird. I ate food I wouldn’t normally eat at any hour of the day. I didn’t exercise, and I didn’t read or write.

Yet, with no routine, I somehow managed to survive!

Routines are not meant to be followed with strict adherence. Our routines are there so that when we have an aberration, we have something to fall back on to get us back into our flow. Life is full of distraction, challenges and disruption. When our missed routines become stress, then our desire to get back to normal is merely an addiction.

Addictions need to be fed, routine only needs to feed you.

Be careful you do not let the beauty of routine ruin your moment. Live your life as if you have no routine and allow your distraction to naturally pull you back to it. Growth only happens within us in the discomfort of disruption. Stop following your routines, instead let them follow you.


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