Life Is like a Handstand

Life is like a handstand where we must remain balanced, otherwise we fall over way sooner than we want.

Life is like a handstand.

There are people who unfortunately never get the chance to become fully upright in their handstand. They struggle to try for some time but end up falling over way too soon. It is a tragedy when young people die, no matter the circumstance, either by accident or health, a young person losing their lives before they get the chance to live is always something that none of us can comprehend.

Some people struggle mightily before finally becoming upright in their handstand. It seems as though everything is against them as they keep pushing their bodies to comply with their wishes. Many times they come close to falling over, but they fight and eventually, they find their lives into balance.

When we finally find our balance and are standing proudly in our handstand, we must focus on staying straight. Our minds must work hard on resisting the outside forces that want us to fall. It takes every bit of our energy to remain upright, but somehow, we find a way.

Through time our arms get old and tired. We become shaky and it becomes a challenge every day to keep our handstand straight. Eventually, our arms give out and sadly we fall over for the last time.

Life is like a handstand, and our minds are our most significant tools in keeping us balanced. If we continually allow our challenges to push us off balance, our arms will weaken and tire much sooner than they should. We must be diligent through a lifetime of building mental resistance to the challenges we face. If we are, then we may just stay upright a little longer and a little happier than the generation before us.

Author: Jeff Nagle

I am a father, husband, friend and foe. I am a copywriter and fitness trainer by day and blogger by night (but I write during the day too!).

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