Dance While You Still Can

Move before it’s too late. Fitness is not a choice, but your desire to move is. Inactivity is not an debt you want to carry as age is interest that gets bigger with age.

I don’t like to dance. In fact, I immensely dislike it. I have no rhythm, the beats I hear and the way I move my body to them just don’t align. While I believe that we can become good at anything if we just try, dancing has never been something that I have wanted to try. That being said, I am keeping my options open.

There will be a day that my choice to dance or not to dance will be made for me. My body will get tired, it will get old, and it will seize. If I am lucky, I will die before that happens, if I am fortunate enough, I will die a really old man before that happens. I dream that one day, I’ll be ready to dance if I can get over myself enough to enroll in a senior home dancing class.

Our bodies are meant to move. It is a fantastic machine that turns the food we eat into energy that allows us to push, pull, run and hop. Age is merely a number, but fitness is a fact. As we neglect our body from movement, time compounds the damage.  Knees get weak, backs become unhinged, our feet begin to swell, and our arms become frail. On top of all of that, the worse damage comes to our mind. When we don’t move, neither does our brain. Our mind begins to fade, memories disappear, our personality crumbles and so does our desire to ever move again.

Living a life void of movement is simply a life that is not lived.  

Every opportunity to move that is missed is one that cannot be regained. Each moment we choose to put off exercise turns into two moments lost in which to move into the future. Push your body forward to happiness, pull your mind back from the stress of life and dance now, while you still can.


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