Death Becomes Us

I had a friend, his name was Marlo. He started out his 40th year like any other, working every day, striving to gain a living. He was a budding real-estate salesman with a bright future ahead of him. That summer he got sick, figured it was a nasty flu bug, but it lasted all summer long. He found out he had cancer. By late fall, a month shy of his 40th birthday, he died.

Life is not guaranteed, only death is.

We go about our lives as if we will live forever. Always expecting the sun to come up in the morning and fall in the evening. We rest our heads on our beds hoping to see another day. It is incredible how much we put so much faith in something so frail as the existence of life.

Our game will be over, and none of this will matter.

Everything you have worked hard at creating, every relationship you have put so much time into forming will all mean nothing when the final credits scroll on your life. Nobody knows the reason why we are all here, yet we spend all of our lives trying to figure it out. We get so caught up in our end game that we never end up ever end up playing the game and yet, we all play as if our game will never be over.

Now is all you’ve got.

If you have a bucket list, shame on you. Nobody should have a bucket list. We all should be doing the things we always wanted to do. A bucket list that is unresolved is a life that is unresolved. Putting off until tomorrow what you can do today is playing a perilous game of Russian roulette. Go take that trip, go learn that new language, go help that person, go skydiving, go experience life. Your legacy is not the wealth you accumulate, your legacy is the memories that you have created.

Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a guess, today is all you have. Live it.


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