The Common Misconception About Success

Success doesn’t come from validation or appreciation. It comes when you do what the world is telling you to do and you become happy and passionate about doing it.

We all seem to believe that success is just simply doing something over and over and over until we become so good at it, someone else takes notice and gives us praise. If that was the case woodpeckers would be successful in lumberjacking. Woodpeckers are relentless at pecking holes in wood, they are masters at it, and we watch in awe (or with great displeasure for the noise) as they do their work. Are woodpeckers successful at cutting down trees? Not really. They are just looking for bugs.

We have this idea that through relentless practice, we will no reason but to be successful. By doing something long enough, success will be just thrown our way. Hell, some people out there believe that if they just do something once, they are a success. That I will save for another day.

Success only comes when happiness collides with passion and the two fuel a relentless desire to improve.

If you are having trouble trying to be successful at anything in life, listen to what the world is telling you. Don’t just hear it from your friends, your family, and your co-workers. Listen to the world and it will tell you what you should be doing through the tiny pinholes of light that you have open in your ego. Many of us allow our egos to cast aside what the world tells just to pursue appreciation from others and deem that a success. You may become exceptionally good at it, and receive some praise, but where is the passion? When the lights are off and the appreciation goes away, will you still work hard at it?

When we listen to what our world is telling us to do, we notice that what it is telling us truly aligns with our passion. Then, and only then can we begin to align what our brain thinks us to do with what our heart feels for us to do and then happiness and success is sure to follow.


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