In Fifty Years, None of This Will Matter

We will all move on, our lives on this big rock are only temporary until the next guy comes along. Why worry about stuff that tomorrow, will not matter. Enjoy what you got.

I had a very stressing day last week. My work was piled up and I was wallowing in a little bit of a self-pity party. As I rode home from work to pick up my son from daycare, I tried to get myself into my “home mode” but I was struggling. As I pulled up to a stop light, my mind was reeling from the amount of work that I didn’t get accomplished and the amount of work I had yet to start.

Then it happened.

Like a wall of warmth that totally engulfed my body, I felt a calming wave of peace that flowed through all of my veins. In my moment of deep thought, “In fifty years, none of this will matter!” came over my brain like an intercom in the classroom at grade school. That’s right! None of this stuff at work will matter when I am dead, let alone a month from now, even a week from now.

We all get so caught up in the moment and fool ourselves into believing that it is going to last forever. We know better, but we do it anyway. It doesn’t matter if what we are doing is positively fun or negatively unpleasant, we get our minds so wrapped up in it.

So why worry about it?

What happens to us today, this month, this year or this lifetime are all temporary. We are but one in 100,000,000,000 (one hundred billion) people who have ever walked this earth. Even on a good day, you could only really name a few hundred people past and present that you know about, let alone those who have messed up their lives with bad decisions. What you worry about today that brings you much stress is merely a speck on the radar of humanity, and really, is a small crumb of the cake that is your life.

Catch yourself the next time that you find yourself reeling in the moment of stress and remind yourself that in fifty years, none of this will matter and that like all storms we face, this too shall pass.

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