People Really Don’t Give a Shit About You!

We waste so much time thinking about what others are thinking about us. In reality, they are not thinking about you. Think about yourself!

We all are guilty of it from time to time, some more than others. We fantasize about how others think about us. Our choices to move or not to move become based on the reaction of another human soul. With the stranglehold of social media in our lives, this battle between being who you are meant to be or being who you think your friends want you to be has never been more difficult. But here is the secret, people really don’t give a shit about you!

There I said it.

Put your narcissistic and egotistical brain aside, those around you really could care less about what clothes you are wearing, what car you drive, what house you own or what position you hold. All they care about is you and more importantly, how you make them feel.

We waste so much energy posting our picture-perfect lives on social media yet behind the screens we are running out of life and working on the real relationships within it. We get so held up on perfection in the eyes of others that we forget that life is meant to be a fucking mess and all those people you are trying to impress, well they are just too busy keeping their shit together to notice yours.

So stop comparing you to them, and stop worrying about them looking at you. Just find you, be you and make others feel better with what you found out about you.

People really aren’t thinking about you. Just do your thing. It will work out.

2 thoughts on “People Really Don’t Give a Shit About You!

  1. “Life is meant to be a fucking mess”

    Ain’t that the truth. It’s so easy to forget that the world is ginormous, and messy, and complicated, and a vast intertwined mosaic of billions of people trying to live their lives. Naturally we’re all jostling and shoving each other just trying to stay afloat, and it would be foolish to take such things personally. But eh, we’re all fools in our own way. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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