I’ll Keep Writing Even If You Stop Reading

I have upped my writing game to become a professional writer. Even though I have been at this for three years, I have to cast aside my ego and start at the bottom.

My life’s goal is to become a professional writer.

I’ve recently made the decision to up my writing game. For the past two weeks, I have pushed my comfort zone to release one post every day, up from once per week. This drastic increase in writing has driven my desire to remain present and find ideas to write about to the limit.

Since I started this daily release schedule, I have even furthered my writing prowess to two a day (but only releasing one). I figure I will eventually run into a brick wall of ideas, but really, I am not even close. My intense desire to become a full-time writer has surpassed my excuses to put off writing.

The ironic thing about posting every day is that my stats have seemingly gone down. I am not sure if it is just karma beating me up or the quality of my posts going down, but the more I post, the fewer people are reading. In the blog posting world, more is not necessarily better for increasing readers. The reality is, I can’t allow the numbers to dishearten me.

To move up, sometimes we have to start at the bottom.

To become a master of a new skill, we must be willing to cast aside our egos to practice what we love to do. If we allow them to, our egos will beat us up and prevent us from doing new things that make us feel a little inferior. To learn a skill, we must be willing to accept that we are beginners all the time and that what we were yesterday was less than we are today.

There is just no room for that in our egotistical mindset.

So, until the day comes when I can write for a living, I’ll continue to keep learning, and even if you don’t read, I’ll keep on writing.

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