5 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

Blogging has become a passion of mine and a journey of self-discovery. I have learned many things a long the way, but these are the ones that stand out.

This blog is now over three years old, and in those three years, I have never missed a week of posting at least one post. It is a deep dedication and a continual desire to share what I have learned in life along the way. That being said, there have been many times I was ready to quit and move on to something else, but there is a passion in me that just won’t allow me to do that. Here is what I have learned along the way:

Not everyone will like your work. 

If you are blogging for views and likes, you are blogging for the wrong reasons. Many blogs fail because the aspiring writers do not see the immediate impact of their words. Blogging does not necessarily follow “if you write it, they will come.” It takes time to develop a readership that will like the art you are creating. Many people are going to skim over your title and keep scrolling, and that is fine! Keep writing, and eventually, someone is likely to fall in love with your work. I guarantee it!

This could actually be a full-time job!

The world needs more content. There is an ever-growing demand for content writers in this world. People love to read, and they love to read things that best serve their interests. Online marketing is now centred around giving people free knowledge in exchange for clicks and eyeball time. If you are passionate about writing, there is no doubt that if you are looking for the opportunity to write as a profession, it is there. Until then, keep practicing and learning from every blog post you write. I know I dream of a day to be a paid writer, with my first book launched earlier this year, I got a taste of it, and now I want more.

When you are in a funk, write more.

Oh my, there are many times when I had zero ambition to write. Events would get in my way, I would be tired or lose the reason why I started blogging in the first place. My draft folder is filled with many failed attempts at writing a blog post. I would have a decent idea in mind, then I would sit down to write it out and couldn’t finish it. We quit on ourselves way too early as many bloggers give up and stop writing the moment they hit one of these writer’s blocks. Resting from writing is the worse thing you can do, you have to fight through it if it even means writing complete garbage. Keep it up, perseverance through these funks is the only way out.

Don’t quit before the miracle happens.

When I started this blog, the goal was to write 50 blog posts in one calendar year. I got to 50 that year and felt like my goal wasn’t accomplished yet, so I went for 100. Here I am, three years later and nearly 200 blog posts, I still don’t feel as though I have accomplished my goal. What is my purpose? I am not sure yet. I don’t know where this blogging journey is going to take me, but for now, I am just going to enjoy the ride. Somewhere at sometime, this blog will all make sense to me and look back on all of these posts will make me appreciate the battle that I have fought to get to that point in my life. I will be so grateful that I didn’t quit before that miracle happened. Don’t quit, your miracle is coming!

Always be consistent.

Writing a blog is not a one-hit wonder. If you intend to build a readership of like-minded people, you need to be consistent and persistent. The more quality posts you write and the consistency at which you write, the more likely you are going to catch the attention of someone who thinks like you and appreciates your effort. Your blog becomes easier to follow if you post around the same time of week or day. Readers will appreciate your efforts knowing that you always will deliver at a specific time. Blogging really is one of those things where you only get from it what you are willing to put into it. The world always rewards the most consistent and persistent.

My blogging journey is one that I am still very new at. I am always tweaking, experimenting and playing around with new ideas on how to become a better writer and blogger. My passion for writing is only surpassed by my passion for learning, and this is what keeps me motivated as I search for the reason why I continue to follow along on this blogging journey.

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