Your Addiction Will Define You

Addictions are never good. They are merely cover-ups used to disguise the pain that you are trying desperately to get away from. When your addiction leads to harming yourself or others, then you have gone too far. Get help now!

What are you addicted to? TV? Greasy food? Knitting? Child porn?

Let’s be real here. Addictions are bad, there is no such thing as good addiction. If you can rationalize that addiction is good, then are you are just enabling it and the pain you are masking. An addiction is defined as “persistent compulsive use of a substance known by the user to be harmful”. We all have dependencies, it’s human behaviour, the key is to understand them and to keep them within reason. When your addiction leads to you hurting yourself, or worse, others, then your obsession will define you.

It was announced that my former “step-uncle,” Raymond Adair of Sussex, NB was sentenced to 34 months in jail for creating and distributing child pornography. As the charges were mounting, he took the easy way out and plead guilty to all of them and now, he is faced with 3 years of jail time. Good for him! I hope he enjoys his early retirement at the crowbar hotel. Now we are all left with having to mop up the destruction that he has created all because of his unbridled addiction. This is the power that unresolved emotional pain can do!

At some point during his sentencing, he admitted to having a child pornography addiction. When and where this disgusting addiction started is anyone guess, but I am sure it had to start with some form of pain that he had faced earlier in his life. Addiction is almost always a cover-up for some kind of uncontrolled emotional pain. Addiction serves as a distraction from the reality that is going on in your head. And addiction is often the end result of failed attempts at closing the pain cycle that you have created.

When your pain has gotten so bad inside your mind, your addiction will only ramp right up beside it. Perhaps you will eat more when the pain of facing your body shaming insecurities gets to be too much. Maybe you will watch more and more TV until you can barely maintain a social life to avoid social anxieties. Perhaps, you will create and share child porn because you can’t escape a childhood memory of sexual abuse. Whatever it is, when your addiction takes over your life, it will become who you are. Your pain, your addiction will eventually define you. You will become known as the champ buffet eater, the binge-watching maniac or the pedophile loser who will now have to answer for his crimes to hardened criminals sitting in a cement-walled prison cell, just like Raymond Adair.

Don’t be like Raymond. Face your pain, get the hurt out of you before your addictions define you and end up killing whatever life you have left or the lives of those around you. You are not weak, you are strong enough right now to push through the pain. You are only as sick as the secrets that you keep.


For more information on the sentencing of Raymond Adair, click on the link below:

Sussex man gets 34 month prison sentence following child porn conviction

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