How To Move Under Pressure

Under a lot of stress? Don’t sit tight and wait for the storm to blow over, take a risk and move!

Have you, or are you feeling pressure from all over? Demands from your family, your job, your friends, your dog? Pressure from the results of climate change, political unrest, and financial instability? Do you feel as though everything is so unbelievably fragile, that while it all seems to be functional right now, it could all fall apart with the gentle breeze of a passing pant leg?

Yeah, me too.

When I am faced with a lot of pressure that comes from all angles, I tend to want to relent and retreat. When financial troubles loom, I want to sell everything I own, move to a cabin in the woods and become a hermit. When things get hairy at work, I want to run away and find another job, anticipating the thrill of the new job hunt to give me a boost. When relationships become strained, I want to unfriend them on Facebook and block em’ for good. However, while I intend to run, I never do, I am not a quitter. But sometimes I just dream about running from the pressure.

So, while I won’t run, I still have to fight the urge to crawl down the negativity pipe and go with the flow by giving up my power and blaming others for not fixing my problems. If others are not to blame then are my insecurities of the world just another bout of anxiety? I have been down the anxiety river once too many times in my life, and I know that that is not where I want to be. My pressures in life sometimes look like anxiety, but they don’t really feel like it.

So as I look around at all of the areas of my life that seem so pressurized, I realize that all of them are just unmet challenges and unseized opportunities. While that little voice in my head wants me to blame the darkness on others, retreat back and sit still; a more prominent voice inside me is yelling to take action NOW! But what action do I choose?

Isn’t that the million dollar question?

What I do know is: inaction is not action. Our world will never change if we are unwilling to contribute to improving it. The stresses and pressures in our lives are never permanent, and they will pass -even without our intervention. But our worldview will become overwhelmingly negative if we choose to do nothing. We have to take a risk sometimes, move to sweat, read to learn, create to inspire, eat to energize, live to laugh and in time our pressures will ease quicker, and those opportunities will seem more evident and more natural to grab. Life is a series of never-ending challenges, it is up to us to either give up and allow them to consume us or rise up take charge and welcome the pressure.

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