Emotional Pain Steals Your Energy, Your Life

We waste so much of our energy with our brains by worrying, blaming, victimizing and protecting pain. We don’t have energy to waste, our body needs it to live!

Our brains consume more energy than any other organ in our body. Our noodle eats up 20 percent of all of our caloric intake and it is not very efficient about it either! That the more we use it, the more energy it will take. There is nothing new with those facts. We often feel like we ran a marathon after a gruelling day at the office, stressed from thinking and then thinking about stress all the while we were just sitting in a chair. Some marathon that is!

I can still remember how drained I would feel at times while trying to hold all of my secrets inside. My brain would ache and my body would break down after spending any considerable time with my father. I would constantly be brokering the peace in my head between exposing my story with him and guarding a relationship that I knew was built on lies. I’m sure my brain was pillaging at least double the energy than it should have. I was drained all the time, and my guarded relationship left me with no spare energy to do anything else.

After I broke the news of my abusive past, I could feel a shift. While at first, my brain consumed energy with just trying to deal with all of the changes that came from eliminating that unhealthy relationship with my father, over time, my brain started to find itself with extra energy to burn. I was starting to live my life as a survivor but there was a void left in the wake of my guarded secrets. In that void, my brain got bored and allowed anxiety to creep in and fill it.

My mindset became a never-ending cycle of anxious thoughts and guilt. I would constantly be drained from the brain power it took to get me through each day. While I didn’t spend my brain power on thinking about my relationship with my father, it was now spent on wondering if what I did was right. Who did I hurt? What was going to happen? Where would I end up? I had nothing left in the tank to move ahead and heal properly from my pain. That was until exercise came to play.

Yes, exercise.

After about a month of consistent vigorous exercise, I found myself pulling the energy I would normally spend overthinking and instead, channelled it into my muscles. While my brain would shut off during my workout, my muscles fed off of the excess energy that was laying around. Eventually, I had found a balance where my body was physically sore but my brain wasn’t. My mind was clear to sort through my pain and it built up the strength to push through to a life of healing. The results I have lived through have been dramatic. I can now create a life instead of destroying it with an overweight and energy-hungry brain.

It’s no surprise how pain in our minds affects our overall health. If we are constantly bombarding our brains with thought, it will steal energy from other organs in our body that are meant to fight off illness and disease. Our brains are greedy and self-serving in protecting themselves; no matter what the cost.

If we create a life filled with stress, drama, victimization, and blame. We allow our selfish brains to steal the life from our hearts that require clean and uninterrupted energy to beat. Free yourself from the brain drain and get moving, feed your body well and push its physical limits. Take back the energy from your fat brain and put balance back into your lean life. It is not an easy path to walk, but nobody ever said being happy was easy. You just have to tell your brain to take a break and put one foot in front of the other. Your heart will thank you and someday it may not give up on you and your selfish, greedy brain!

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