I Love The First Day Of School

The senses of the first day of school are ingrained into my memory bank and bring me to a time when I felt renewed every September. I love the first day of school.

It seemed like the first day of school was always a sunny day. The clean and crisp cool early fall-like morning air, the smell of clean classrooms and all the new school supplies excited my nose, even my new clothes smelled great! Everything just seemed so clean and new as we head back to a new year of learning. New classmates, a new teacher, and new beginnings. The first day of grade school was always a great memory for me.

I can still remember like it was today, the feeling I had when attending my first day of college. After moving to a new city almost two hours away from home, I sat in a classroom with people of all kinds of backgrounds and ages. I felt like an adult for the first time. I had only just moved to this new city on the weekend before the first day of class and while this first day may not have excited my sense of smell as much as it had during my grade school years, it certainly excited my sense of sight. A new community to explore, a new apartment, a new school, and a new life all awaited me.

Luck would have it that there would be no break in my first days of school after college. I was hired by the college that I had attended after graduation. I started working there mid-summer when the college was in full preparation mode for the next year. It blew my mind of the kind of prep work that goes into getting the place ready for another new year. I can still remember my sense of hearing being stimulated as the excitement of new students echoed throughout the hallway. Instead of a classroom, I sat in an office but the feeling was still the same, I still had that feeling of a new beginning.

Now as a parent, I get to experience the first day off school in an altogether different way. While the smells, sights, and sounds are a little different, I still enjoy the newness of that first day of school every September through my son. As he begins another journey in his school aged life, I am reliving my experiences and making new memories alongside him.

Time has a way of changing our perspective but our memories hold our attention. As the cycle of life moves around we can sometimes get lost in the rush but then in an instant, a sight, a scent or a sound brings you back in time and gives you a little boost to move forward. The first day of school has always been the reset that reminds me that in life, we all get chances of renewal, we just have to show up ready with our minds open to learning before the first bell chimes.

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