That One Big Thing

What is your One Big Thing? Are you doing it? Are you sharing your talent with the world everyday? Each of us has the potential to be great, yet a lot of us deny our inner greatness. We create obstacles to hold us back.

I have recently complete reading a good book called “One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do” by Phil Cooke. The book is about finding our passion, our purpose and talent in life and then going for it to find greatness. It found me at just the right spot in my life as I have been struggling with my purpose at home, at work and life in general.

To some of us, we find our greatness early. Some kids have it in them from the start. They just know what it is that they want to do and they keep going at it until they succeed. A lot of us do not. Somewhere along the line between childhood and adulthood we loose ourselves by circumstance and the ups and downs of life. Our passions versus our actions become out of alignment and we end up settling for something, anything that gets us through our days.

We all have greatness within us. Most of us know it, but we are deeply afraid to be great. Once we get settled and comfortable in our patterns, routines and lives, it becomes increasingly difficult to realize our dream and so we let our dreams go. We let them go for so long that we forget what it even is that we were once passionate about. When we loose sight of our dream we then forget what our purpose is.

I have been going through this massive confusion myself. I am confused that what I do for a living does not line up with my passion in life. It hurts me to know that what I do for a majority of my waking life is not what I am born to do. What I do now is not what I want to offer this world to make it a better place now and after I am gone. My legacy is not in the daily work that I do and that depresses me, I feel like I am robbing myself of my greatness. I get scared thinking about going for my dream and worry that I will become a failure trying to chase it. I have gotten too comfortable with the life that I have created and I throw up legitimate obstacles to block myself from just going for it.

When we line up our talents, passion and experience into what we do day-to-day, we become great and do great things in our world. Doing our great work every day with with a fire in our belly and freedom in our souls only serves to create greatness. When we can spend 100% of our days focused on our work instead of resisting our greatness, are we not ultra productive? When we look at the most successful people in our lives (not just monetarily), aren’t they the most driven and passionate people that you know A lot of us -myself included- expend massive amounts of energy resisting our One Big Thing, our passion and our talent because we refuse to allow ourselves to make that leap and never look back. This wasted energy could be better served figuring out how we can change our world instead of making excuses and resisting our greatness.

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