Stuck In A Funk?

Sometimes I find myself stuck in a funk. This just means I have room to grow and to push my limits. I am stuck in one, now it’s time to try something new.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein

Are you in a funk? I know I am.

So how do we get out of it? First, we have to figure out what that proverbial “funk” is. By definition, a funk is a dejected mood. To me it is a state of being comfortably unchallenged. When we get ourselves into a funk, we need to realize that this is a good thing. It is healthy to have occasional funks, it is our first indication that we are ready to grow. Being in a funk means that we are now at the top of our limit and now it is time to push a little higher and wider. We have grown bored, unchallenged and comfortable with our spot in life. This is why, it is often recommended to to something different when we get ourselves into a funky state. Doing something different can sometimes push us out of our comfort zone and depending on how uncomfortable we go is how quickly we will get ourselves out of the funk.

The sad fact is that some of us can spend most of our lives in a funk. We avoid what we know will get ourselves out of the funk by putting up excuses and boundaries so that we don’t face the hard reality of the challenges that lie ahead. We coward away and remain comfortably in a funk and accept it as part of our lives. A funk can quickly become a semi-permanent mindset that becomes more and more difficult to get out of. The key to becoming good at identifying and quickly eliminating funky mindsets is to always be comfortable being uncomfortable. Always have small challenges waiting in the wings to jump on and do. That little boost of confidence that comes from pushing your limits a little deeper will ready you to tackle those bigger issues that are plaguing you.

Right now, I am in a funk with my hobbies. Writing has become very comfortable for me and I am becoming bored with trying to come up with new things to write. This just means that I have to try writing on new topics and focus more on different writing works than just this blog. Another area of my funk comes with my daily workout. I find at times I am simply going through the routine of working out; I have become bored. While the results are certainly there for me, the challenge for me isn’t. Quitting my workout routine is not an option, so now I must find other ways to challenge myself. Perhaps I could try a new workout or go at different times or even just push myself even harder -even if I don’t feel like it.

Be good to yourself and go out and do something uncomfortable today. Do something that you have had it on your mind and go out and do it. Think of the last time you tried something new, think of how exciting or frightening it was. Think of how you came away from it. Did you die? No. Did you live? Yes! Go out and get that funk out, don’t become comfortably funky.



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