What Have You Done?

When the world around you becomes so negative that you reach your tipping point. Don’t give in, give up or stop. Be more kind and realize that your actions mean so much more than you think.

I will admit, the recent news of the world has worn me down. I have tried my best to remain oblivious to Donald Trump and his ever increasingly frightening agenda. While absolutely devastating and absolutely appalling; the Muslim targeted shooting last night in Quebec had me questioning the future of the world around me. I cut the cable to network TV in hopes that I could absorb the negativity of the world at a slower pace. I had hoped that I could digest things with a little more grace and thought. But then I open my Twitter to see this:


My reaction? What the fuck?

Some disengaged and obviously self-centered low-life decided to deface a monument dedicated to fallen firefighters in my home town. Now, the negative news has gotten too close. I have too much negativity to process at my own pace. It has me questioning, what is next? Is anything sacred?

I am fortunate to not allow acts like this to drag me down to some form of depressive state. I am astute enough not allow my morale to drop as far as these uninspired individuals. I am too proud to allow the agendas of others degrade my thoughts to the point of never ending anxiety and anger. I refuse to feed these people’s egos and become desperate,  jaded and hopeless.

What does concern me is how hopeless people have to be to deface a monument that was erected to honor those who have given their lives in the line of duty. A meeting place for those left behind. What has happened in their lives that this is any kind form of entertainment or idea of protest? What in their world has made them feel that this was a solution to any problem that they are facing? What have I done or not done that may have unintentionally caused someone to take this kind of action?

I can’t help but feel that I missed something, somewhere. Had I acted on a thought of kindness towards someone, would that have rippled down enough to make this individual think twice. Had I nodded or smiled to that stranger on the street, would it have made them take a different path? Had I simply said thank you to that cashier or waitress, could it have made an impact? Had I simply only posted good thoughts on social media?

Coulda, shoulda, woulda… doesn’t matter.

Kindness starts with every movement you make. While you may not be directly responsible for the heinous acts of others, you are responsible for the acts of you. Every thought you post on social media, every simple gesture you make towards others, every word you speak has a consequence. This vandal certainly made a difference in a matter of seconds. So why give up hope that what you do doesn’t matter? It does! YOU make an impact with every action you take, you are not worthless, you are not hopeless, you are human. Be one. Save one. Love one.

If you know who did this, please contact Codiac RCMP

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