Becca Told Me To

Giving is a learned behaviour. The only way to get good at it, is to practice it. In the face of the ultimate adversity, Rebecca Schofield has taught me how to give and be kind by making it habitual. #BeccaToldMeTo

Rebecca Schofield is an incredible young person who in the face of terminal cancer has inspired an entire community to think twice to be more kind to each other. In order to start a viral vision of random acts of kindness, she asked that those who have done an act of kindness to post it on social media with the hashtag #BeccaToldMeTo. Our community has embraced this young lady’s bucket list item and in turn, you can feel warm positive winds blowing around. At a time when kindness is either in full supply or sadly empty during the holiday season, her actions have balanced out the love and in turn, everyone is feeling it.

Recently I have taken it upon myself to be more giving in every aspect of my life. I have been given so much over the past few years and now that I am full of life, I must give back. I need to give more of my money, my time and my love to those around me, stranger or friend. So when I heard the news of this amazing movement, I was totally on board. Giving is not easy. Like all things in life, giving requires a lot of practice to become good at it. Being in a damaged mindset for so long I had never learned how to properly give. I never seized opportunities to help others or jumped in when the situation warranted it. I was afraid to open myself up. I was giving to receive something in return. It isn’t until you can separate those two acts, can you properly live to give.

For a week straight, every day I would pay for the order behind me at the Tim Horton’s drive-thru. The first couple of days I felt somewhat embarrassed to give. Afraid to open myself up to generosity. Those first days I almost jumped back into my comfort zone and not paid… but I remembered: “Becca Told Me To”. As each day passed, I reminded myself of how I felt whenever others would selflessly give to me. How my bad days turned good by even the smallest amount of kindness. Each small gesture sent to me made me a better person. So, if buying someone a coffee could enlighten someone’s day around a very hectic and often stressful holiday season, then I have to do it. #BeccaToldMeTo

What became difficult was posting my efforts on social media. One of the principal rules for authentic giving is to give without receiving. This means not looking for recognition. I became uncomfortable when I had posted my kindness acts on social media and received recognition in the form of likes. While my heart was not looking for the recognition, I felt somewhat guilty by posting. That was until I was talking to a friend about it. She reminded me that by me posting my kindness acts on social media, I am fulfilling my promise to Rebecca. That by inspiring others to be kind and to make kindness viral and habitual, I am in being kind to Rebecca.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have never felt so calm and at peace with my life. This holiday season has truly been an enriching and soul filling time. While I still have a long way to go to become a deeply generous soul, giving and being kind to my fellow citizen has started to become a healthy addiction. In the new year ahead, I will continue to focus on being more comfortable at giving and will continue to look for every opportunity to be kind to others. I will continue to jump outside of my comfort zone and open my heart to you in hopes that someday soon, you too can do the same. It is this viral behaviour that makes our stay on this planet bearable and peaceful. It is why #BeccaToldMeTo.

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