Time Of Your Life

When eras of our lives pass, we often reflect to appreciate them more than when we had lived them. Life is unpredictable and can change in a heartbeat, we may not get the chance to reflect after they had passed.

I can still remember the feeling I had when Seinfeld concluded it’s run on TV. It was the closure I felt when they ended the show with a collage of clips from the show’s 9 year run. Playing over the clips was the song, Time Of Your Life by Green Day. Ever since that moment, I have always associated that song to the conclusion of any happy era of my life. It has become my favourite song. In fact, I have made it known that I want this song played at my funeral. “It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right, I hope you had the time of your life”.

Recently, I was saddened by the news that a co-worker had left the company that I work for to pursue another opportunity. I hold a lot of respect for this person and I had learned a lot of life lessons from him in the somewhat short time we got to work together. It isn’t everyday that someone leaves our team. We buck the norm of many software companies in that we have virtually no turnover. In fact, this is the first employee to leave our  company in the nearly 3 years since I joined.

As the day wore on and I had a chance to reflect on my own time here at work, I fired up YouTube to listen to “Time Of Your Life”. That song just seemed put things into perspective. When change happens in my live and I am unsure what the outcome will be, I always run to music to give my change a soundtrack. I chose this song because of the good times I had working with that person. I always feel saddened and uneasy when someone leaves a company that I work for. I even feel a bit down when it is someone I don’t even particularly care for, but when it is someone I hold in high regard, the impact affects me deeply.

During my reflection I realized that I don’t always appreciate the good moments that are being presented to me. I seem to take for granted that they will always be there. At my work, I always take for granted that the people that I am surrounded with will always be there. But they won’t. I won’t. People move on and lives move on.

“Time grabs you by the wrist, Directs you where to go.”.

When things in our lives are going really well, we feel as though these moments will last forever, but they can’t. Ironically, change is the one constant in our lives. Life is an ever changing series of puzzles whose pieces are inconsistent and the image is always volatile. These puzzles are the beauty and the heartbreak of life, without them we could never grow, without them we would never be.

Best of luck on your future endeavours, Luc! It was a pleasure to work with you.

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