In The Game Of Life, Listening Will Make You Win

A letter for my son…


Your word is everything; without it you have nothing. Be on time. Life is easier when you speak the truth as you never have to remember what you have said. Pay your bills. Honor your commitments. Commit to be honorable. If you can’t speak to their face, then don’t speak behind it. Listen to your conscience. Sometimes the truth hurts you, but lies always hurt others more.


Avoid all hidden agendas. With authenticity comes peace. The real you is the only you. People want your result, not your story. Live naked. Listen to your soul. When you are genuine with yourself, people will notice; when you are fake, you become scenery.


Take care of your body, it is the best tool you will ever have and the only one you will ever get. Exercise. Know what you are eating; avoid chemicals. Brush your teeth. Sleep well. Run. Wake up each day with poise. Don’t smoke. Wear nice clothes. Avoid anger. Smile. Listen to your body. Overindulgence will ruin you, but treat yourself.


Never stop learning. Always question the norm. You are never the smartest person in the room, if by some chance you are; you have become stupid. Find comfort in being uncomfortable. Read more. Knowledge is infinite; so should your quest in acquiring it. Observe with precision. Try anything once. Listen to your brain. You have five senses, relentlessly use them all.


Wisdom has nothing to do with how much you know, it is what you do with what you know. Offer your knowledge but don’t give it away for free. Know the difference between want and need. Wisdom does not come from your age, it comes from your experience. Listen to others. Know when you have talked too much.


Give without expectation. Live simply. If for some reason you can’t give, then you have too much. Give more of your time. When you are taking, you are not giving. Don’t worry about the reception of your generosity; if you do, then you are not giving. Listen to your inner voice. The best gift you can ever give someone, is your attention.


Love without reserve. Smile. Your heart is your bank, if it is full of love then you are rich. Trust and be trusted. Love and trust are synonymous. If you haven’t found love then you haven’t found trust. Listen to your heart. You can only be loved if you are ready to receive it.


The only way for you to earn respect is to respect others. Listen. Honor those who are different from you in any way. Stand up straight. Do the right thing even if it hurts. Apologize with regard but without regret. Listen to your image. Respect is earned through gratitude, get busy being thankful.


Exist with intent. Time has no currency to those who have no intent; you will always be poor if you waste your time on meaningless tasks. If it does not make sense, then it has no purpose. Listen to your mission. People only care about your purpose, they could careless about your action.


Impatience leads to mistakes, mistakes lead to increased impatience. Stop. Don’t move too fast but be careful that you move too slow. Expectation only leads to procrastination. Listen to the silence. Silence is patience being built, noise is patience being destroyed.


Tomorrow may never come; yesterday has already passed but you have this moment; so use it wisely. What you believe the world is withholding from you, you are withholding from yourself. Life happened yesterday, living is what you are doing right now. Prepare, but do not rely on the future for it is untrustworthy. Listen to your world. The answers in your life are all around you, you just need to ask the right questions.

You will have days where some or all of these things make sense. You will have other days where none of these things make sense. That is life, life is confusing. If it isn’t; then you are not living, you are existing. Follow these ideals -even some of them- and I can guarantee that you will find some form of happiness, a sense of belonging and maybe even a little peace.

Life is your game, play it; life is your food, eat it; life is your gift, open it; life is your noise, LISTEN UP!

6 thoughts on “In The Game Of Life, Listening Will Make You Win

  1. Thank you for posting this. I really needed to hear some of the points mentioned at this moment in my life. I’m currently working on being more transparent with people, and I feel constantly afraid that people would get weired out by that. But it’s what I feel is right. The above message reminds me that I’m doing it for my own conscience, and I shouldn’t worry about other people’s perception of me. Thanks again 🙂

    1. You are welcome! Yes, transparency is really hard to get started. Putting yourself out there is daring and frightening as you are never sure of what response you will get back. But as you said, if you feel that it is right, then really why worry? It takes a little time and a few failures, but once you find that transparency in your life, you will fly! Nothing will hold you back. 🙂 Have a great day!

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