Passion vs. Consistency

“When you have a passion for something then you tend not only to be better at it, but you work harder at it too.” – Vera Wang

Passion and consistency… Both are words that I have been hearing a lot about lately. I hear that you need to be passionate about something. You also need to be consistent, at home, at work and in your daily grind. Upon hearing those words I often ask myself; what am I passionate about? Am I consistent enough in the things I do? I think when you question your passion for something then you will have a hard time finding consistency in doing it. With all that being said, I think both of these words kind of feed off themselves.

Do I need to be consistently passionate? or do I need to be passionately consistent? Suppose I am passionate about something, one would say that I would need to be consistently practicing and performing that passion in order to qualify it as a passion. Suppose my passion is to be consistent in everything I do? Would I need unlimited passion at what I do in order to be a consistent performer at it?

I believe that the most successful and truly content people have this all figured out. They have found that balance. They are consistently passionate about being passionately consistent performing their passion. Have I confused you yet? I know I am! I haven’t quite figured this one out. But until I do, I will continue to be passionately consistent. Does that mean I do have passion in something after all?


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