Struggling To Find Presence

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” – Mother Teresa

What do you struggle with?

We all struggle with something. Each person’s struggles are of equal importance to them regardless of what others seem to be struggling with. We need to remind ourselves of the frame of time of which we are struggling. There are some of us that struggle with events from our past. This is very counter productive and even destructive. These struggles inevitably hold us back from hoping of a better future. There are some of us that struggle with perceived events of the future: our old friend anxiety. This is equally as destructive because both rob us from living in the now. Finally, there are those that struggle with present events, the real authentic struggle.

It is fair to say that those who have risen from their struggles of the present are those who we look up to the most. Think of a person who is terminally ill. They focus on living each and every day in hopes that their bodies will heal, they face a real struggle; not of tomorrow, not of yesterday… of today. Think of our heroes who have faced a present struggle and surpassed it. I am reminded of a recent hero, Kevin Vickers. During one of his last days as Sergeant-at-Arms in the Canadian House of Commons. He was confronted with a deranged gunman intent on killing our country’s leaders. In a rapid and decisive action, he rose to action and shot the gunman down which ended the situation. During his moment of struggle, he was not fixated on the past and he was not looking ahead at the future. His struggle was in the now, it was very real.

When we can successfully conquer our present day struggles, it allows us to live each day fully and completely. By conquering our present day struggles, we can become a hero of our own life. We all need to remember that no event from our past can define our future, unless we allow it. No event from our future can ever affect what is happening right now, as it never happened. It is the success of dealing with the struggle presented to us right now that will move us forward. How we conquer our present day struggles is what will define, heal and give us the confidence to deal with tomorrow’s struggle, so refrain from trying to conquer them today. Conquering struggles from our past and future can never give us that confidence; as they have already happened or never will.

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