Putting It All Together

A great accomplishment shouldn’t be the end of the road, just the starting point for the next leap forward. – Harvey Mackay

So here it is, my 50th post!

I had set a goal on January 1st of walking 1,000 kms, reading 10 books and writing 50 blog posts. With this post, I have now completed all three goals. In retrospect, they were very modest goals; I could have probably aimed a bit higher. Regardless, I have gained so much more than I expected by accomplishing them. By walking so much, I was able to find that “happy place”, a place of refuge so that I could think clearly. By reading, I had learned from other humans on how to live and by writing this blog, I have been able to learn much about myself and how to communicate. That being said, I thought I would be over the moon with excitement after slaying these goals. In this 50th post, I thought I would be spewing a bunch of happy-go-lucky “hurrah hurrah! I did it!” words. This is not the case at all, while I feel pride in my accomplishment; I still have a long way to go on my personal journey.

This post (like the others before it) is about another life lesson has been learned; a lesson I am not sure I could have learned had I not gained the strength that I have through accomplishment. Throughout my year filled with walks, reading and writing, I had learned to deal with life from a different mindset. With impeccable timing, my short-lived triumph was met with failure and then mixed in there was the fact that my life is not about me.

Last week, I had one of “those” days. The only difference on this day is that I didn’t fold up like a cheap tent. First, I had found out that I was not selected for a once in a lifetime opportunity that I had worked so hard to be a part of. In the past, I would pass on opportunities by coming up with excuses to avoid failure. This time though, I decided to pursue this opportunity hard. I had exposed my biggest fears for my chance to go. I gave it my all. But I had failed, my “all” wasn’t enough; I didn’t try hard enough. Keyword in all of this, I had failed. I wasn’t a failure.

In the not too distant past I would have labelled myself as a failure. I would have become consumed with all the nasty thoughts of labelling myself a loser. In turn, I would have become a miserable and self-loathing mess. Instead of looking for reasons to grow, I would have looked for reasons to get revenge in-spite of myself. This time though, I actually felt good about failing. It genuinely felt really weird. On one hand, I was deeply disappointed, but on the other, I felt as if I had grown in some way and I was legitimately happy.

As the day came to a close, I had learned of other troubling news as my son was involved in a case of bullying at school and then we learned of a health scare of someone very dear to our small family. In an instant, I was reminded that my troubles pale in contrast to the troubles of others. My family needed me in clear mind that day, they don’t need my baggage. I am sure, had my old mindset of labelling myself a failure been in play, I would not have had the energy or the capacity to deal with anything or anyone else. My home life would have suffered and things would have snowballed into a giant mess. But no, I chose to grow. I chose to rise to the challenge. I used the tools I developed over a year of personal accomplishment to get me through one of the most challenging days of the entire year.

My goals for 2015 have taught me that I have become a winner through losing. I have become significantly more resistant to self-deprecating thoughts in the face of failure. It took a lot of purposeful learning and mindful effort to get to this point in my life and I have gained exponential growth because of it. What will 2016 bring? I’m not entirely sure yet, but if I gain anywhere near the amount of positive energy that I have received this year; I will deem it an overwhelming success!

PS: I want to sincerely congratulate Estelle on getting her chance to attend the Titan Summit in Toronto in December. I know she will embrace the principles that Robin Sharma will teach there and in the end, all of us who know her will benefit from her rising star.

1,111 / 1,000 KMs walked | 50 / 50 blog posts | 19 / 10 books read


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