Can You See Me Now?

I find that when you open the door toward openness and transparency, a lot of people will follow you through.
– Kirsten Gillibrand

Think about all the people you like to be around. Think about those who you say are genuine. Why do you like these people? Why do you hold their place in your life with such high regard? You soon realize that these people are completely transparent. What I don’t mean is that they just blend into the background, what I mean is, they are people who have nothing to hide. You feel safe around them, you know they do not hold hidden agenda. In a world where everything can easily be shared and truths easily exposed, transparency is now the “in” thing. We need to be ourselves otherwise we will be quickly cast off as a phony.

When I started this blog I never anticipated that my life would be exposed as much as it has. My goal was to simply discuss things that interested me, things that caught my attention. It ended up (as you might have read) with me evolving to share the very darkest secret of my life. I had slowly become transparent because I began to crave the freedom that being an open window had given me. I had become genuine to myself and I think (and hope) it has translated into genuine feelings towards you.

I am very fortunate to work in an environment that is striving to be completely transparent. This open environment has inspired me. On day one of my arrival at Dovico, I was greeted by a staff meeting that was discussing the budget along with the revenues and much of the company. I was completely floored by this information. I had never been privy to such information during the other stops of my career. I never knew if one day I would show up and the sheriff had padlocked the door. Because of this, I could never 100% buy into the company or its direction. I felt as though I was only working to make someone else rich. Unfortunately, most people work in these kinds of environments. Environments in which each staff member is threatened by the agenda of the one person above them in the pecking order. But something funny happened after my first day here, I bought in. I bought in 110%. Sure, it took me a bit of time to gain complete confidence and trust that this situation is for real, but it really didn’t take that long before I became an “owner” of this company without ever having to invest a cent.

I really believe that society, in general, is going to demand more transparency out of our politicians, our leaders, our bosses, our spouses and our lives. Those who do not embrace a transparent lifestyle will become the dinosaurs of their generation. Society is becoming more astute of hidden agendas due to the instant connectivity of our social media. Things can no longer be hidden, at least not for long. Those who catch on and embrace transparency will realize that it costs more to keep the curtains closed. Unfortunately, it cost me over 20 years of my life not being transparent. I had wasted a lot of energy keeping my secrets. Now that I have become completely transparent, my excess energy can be focused on living in freedom, instead of hiding behind a wall, afraid to break through.

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