Think Positive, Now Pass It On

When someone does something good, applaud! You will make two people happy. – Samuel Goldwyn

Last week I was reminded of the power of positive reinforcement. I was helping my son’s baseball team with talent evaluation, basically I was just throwing the ball in various forms to the kids and counting how many attempts it took to get to a certain number of catches etc. With one kid in particular, I thought I would try something different. After a few attempts of him dropping the ball or missing it all together, I quickly looked him in the eye and stated “you are going to catch this one, right?” he nodded. I threw the ball to him and sure enough, he caught it. You could tell a light bulb of confidence lit up in his mind. Thinking that this could be a fluke, I threw him another few balls and he went back to dropping them or missing them. So I gave him another quick statement, “You got this one!” and sure enough, he caught the ball like a pro.

Amazing, how that works!

It is common knowledge that giving praise to kids leads to boosting their self-confidence. The impact that a well timed praise can do wonders for their psyche and their learning. Unfortunately though, somewhere along the way we loose this idea to praise our fellow adult. We are all too quick to pick apart our neighbor rather than praise them for what they do well or give them that confidence boost whenever they need it the most. Alternatively, some of us (me included) have a really tough time accepting praise even though deep down we crave it.

It’s a funny world we live in.

We are all connected in some way. So it only makes sense to boost each other up with praise and words of encouragement whenever we can. We need to remove that stigma of allowing ourselves to be a little bit open when we extend our gratitude for what others are working hard on achieving. Imagine a world where encouragement was given freely without expectation and positive thought was extended to others without reservation. Life would become so much more free to those of us in need of freedom, it would become so much more happier to those in need of happiness, it would become so much more transparent to those who need vision. Life would just be better that way. Maybe we would all catch more balls that are thrown to us!

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  1. Totally agree. Everyone needs a boost in their self confidence at times. Sometimes, we feel very lost and lonely but all we need is someone to say “You can do it for i am with you”. I know the pain of the current society , no one wants to acknowledge one another but they want to be acknowledge. This is why i created this blog for it is good to start with the young and build it up. I am a student as well and i feel like that is necessary for students to understand the importance of acknowledgment.

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