Can I Trust You?

Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships. – Stephen Covey

Up until the last couple of years have I given the characteristic of being trustworthy much value. Maybe it is just simply me getting older and wiser (ha! ha!) that I have begun to really value trust in other people. Alternatively, I also have made more of an effort to being more trustworthy myself. It’s a cyclical thing, the more trustworthy you are, the more trust you will receive from others.

There are many different types of trust, there is that unspoken trust where you just inherently are expected to be trustworthy as in the bond between two people in a loving relationship. There is the common trust where we all (well most of us) trust that our neighbours won’t overdose on bath salts and eat our face off while we are mowing our lawn. Then there is the earned trust, like the trust you build up by following up your words with your actions. That kind of trust varies in most people and is the most difficult to earn, yet the easiest to lose. But when it comes down to it, all trust roots into the earned category, especially when it is lost.

About 5 years ago when I was going through a very tough self-discovery phase in my life, I came to value trust more than ever in the people that surrounded me. I needed to know that the words people were saying to me were the truth and I was very cynical and often investigative into ensuring that those who were lending me strength were actually authentic in their delivery. Because of this, I distanced myself from a lot of people because I could not trust them. I may have over-reacted on some people (I am human, I make mistakes), but because I valued so much of that earned trust in others, I just could not simply place my life in the hands of those I could not trust. Yes, my friend count took a dive during those awful years, but I really got a good picture of where I stood in life in terms of who was really there for me and who was only out there for themselves. That being said, I also had to be truthful and authentic with my words so I could continue to gain trust in others and that was the turning point in gaining new and trustworthy friends. Even though I needed strength from others, I too had to be trustworthy.

I guess what it all boils down to, is that in order to have a complete and meaningful life we can never underestimate the value of our trustworthiness. We must always be conscious of the power that our trust (or lack thereof) can have on others. Ultimately everyone on this planet is connected in some regard, it is our trust level in our fellow person that dictates just how much we connect with them. We are all in this together, can I trust you?

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