It’s About To Get Messy

Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end – Robin Sharma

When I first set out to write this blog, I had so many ideas and thoughts to write about. As those thoughts would come, I would write them down immediately and then finish them when I had a chance. As time would pass, those thoughts would trickle as I am not a great thinker, I only have so many good thoughts rattling around in my head. That being said, there was an unintended consequence of my lack of thoughts that come to me; I observe more. I am more present. I look at my experiences through the second set of eyes now, I am always looking for ideas and thoughts that come from everyday living. This has been one more reward for remaining vigilant to this blog and my goal.

Here I am, near the midway point of my year-long goal of writing 50 blog postings. The initial burst of energy that I had when I first started this blog has worn off and I have hit the proverbial “wall”. I no longer receive the praise I once did, I no longer hear the chatter about what I wrote the week before. It is usually at this point where most people tend to lose sight of their goal and go back to their old habits. Like a diet, when the initial weight loss has subsided and it becomes a trickle, a person will lose their ambition and move away from their goal. Things are getting messy right now, really messy. I have questioned why I even began this goal.

I have been grasping energy in everything I see when it comes to this blog. I had a great initial following of readers during my first few postings, most of these readers came from Facebook and Twitter friends. What I have noticed lately though, is that I have been getting a lot more readers, follows and likes from complete strangers that have been visiting my blog through search engines. I certainly appreciate my loyal group of readers made up of my friends but I never in a million years thought that folks outside my circle would be interested in what I have to say. Now as I enter the back stretch of my goal, I need to remind myself that I began this blog as a tool of self-reflection. That if I never got another reader and never received another piece of praise, it really shouldn’t matter in the journey of achieving my goal. I wrote this blog to be true to myself and keep my mind fixated on a goal. I will finish this, and I will continue to pour my heart and mind into everything I write, even if along the way you may lose interest in my mess.

Thank you, for your support!

431 / 1000 KMs walked | 23 / 50 blog posts | 11 / 10 books read

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