Don’t Get In Your Way

“Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.” – Samuel Johnson

One of life’s most important gifts we are given is free will. Most of us have the freedom to think anyway we choose. Some of us are great thinkers and use the power of thought in positive and growing ways. Others (well most of us from time to time), use our thoughts as barriers, blocking us from achieving great things. It is these barriers that are our worst enemies to real freedom.

If there is something that I have noticed during my time of self reflection is that the only person getting in the way of me becoming the best person possible is… me. I often observe successful people and I wonder what their secret recipe is. When a difficult task comes along, they conquer it. If a difficult choice has to be made, they make it. If they fail, they learn and they try again until they succeed. Essentially, they get out of their own way and push through their own self-imposed barriers. They are fearless from themselves.

So often I get into a good groove mentally only to have it come crashing down. I keep wondering to myself what or who got me down, you know what? Only recently have I told myself, who cares who got you down? who cares what got you down? Just get back up! I won’t lie, it takes me a lot of energy and self discipline to get back up from a crash. The only way for me to get me out of that groove comes from within my own head. There are no magic potions or easy way out. To get out of your own shadow, you have to work at it, you need to learn from it, you need to step away from it.

This same principal of getting out of your own way also applies to any major decision you make in life. Often times we get stuck trying to make the “right” decision. We often find ourselves weighing out all the options even though our heart is telling us the answer. Trust your gut, make your decision, don’t look back and get out of your way!

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