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“Like all technology, social media is neutral, but is best put to work in the service of building a better world.”  – Simon Mainwaring

One of the greatest challenges I have had in adopting social media into my everyday life is finding balance. How do I follow along with everyone’s lives and share my own life’s experiences online without becoming consumed by it all. At times, my perfectionist being wants to shut it all off and return to a more simpler time. But that is like selling your car because it goes too fast. In the end, you are in the driver seat, you dictate how fast that car goes!

We can find balance when we set priorities to our online world and stick to them. Personally, I get emotionally drained and anxious when I see a lot of negativity and complaining online. It had gotten so bad that I shutdown my Facebook account in an attempt to restore my balance. This was certainly not the solution! I found that I was missing the positive feelings that my social media streams had given me. So I set out to establish a list of priorities when it comes consuming from my social media buffet. I focus solely on the positive, ignore the negative and shut it off whenever I can.

I know what you may be thinking “this guy lives in a dream world! Life is not always about fluffy bunnies and kittens!”. You are wrong, my online life most certainly contains all the fluffy bunnies, kittens and even unicorns! Unlike my offline world, I am in control my online world. Offline, there is enough tragedy and heartbreak for all of us to deal with. Every day we have struggles and issues that creep up and demand our attention. Personally, I find that when my online world has become too negative, it hinders my ability to break down my own personal walls. I simply become too distracted and exhausted. That is when anxiety rears it’s ugly face and I collapse.

Most people are striving to help everyone else online. When you are bombarded with trying to find solutions to everyone else’s problems, it leaves you with nothing left in the tank to fix your own. When you think you can’t fix your own problems, you run online to seek help from others. This viscous cycle of everyone’s compounded problems leaves us to believe that the world is a dark and dreary place. When in reality, it isn’t! When you focus solely on the positive in social media, the opposite begins to happen. You begin to gain self confidence, you no longer compare yourself to others, your outlook positively changes, you begin to knock down your walls and then you start seeking to try and help others find their balance.

Updated resolution numbers:

98.5 of 1000 KMs walked (was a bad week to get out)

7 of 50 blog entries posted

3 of 10 books read (1 on the go)

2 thoughts on “Find Your Balance

  1. I so agree with this. When I get home from dealing with a chaotic world, the last thing I want to do is deal with negativity and high strung passions. So yes, I keep what comes into the bubble of my home very filtered and attuned to the increasing of peace and contentment.

    1. That is awesome to hear! It is so important to have a safe place for our minds and sanity. Thank you for following my blog and commenting!! 🙂 Peace to you!

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