Lets Begin! Challenge Yourself!

Hi there!

Happy New Year! Thank you for taking the time to read what I have written. I cannot promise that what I write will be the best piece of literary genius that you have ever encountered, but I hope that as I go, I will get better and I hope that I will inspire you in some way.

We are at the starting point of a new year, a lot of us will take time to reflect on the year gone by and will resolve to change something about us in the new year. To some this may be a cliche, to make a new years resolution. We should all resolve to be better people regardless of what time of year it is. We should all resolve to care about each other, to give a little more, to take better care of ourselves regardless of the time of year. That being said, if it takes a change of calendar to do something better in your life, then so be it. Do it! By not doing anything at any time, then nothing changes. If at the very least you live better for one month before your bad habits set back in, then so be it. You have learned that you CAN do it, even if you couldn’t keep the momentum going. Don’t feel like you are a failure, the only time you fail is if you don’t try.

So I challenge you, make a new years resolution and publish it to the world so that those that care about you will keep you accountable. Be a better person if only for 2 days or 2 months. Just do something! To try and fail is better than to have never tried.

My challenge to myself is quite simple. I have summed it up into 3 numbers. 1000, 50 and 10. Each number is dedicated to helping my mental, physical well being as well as helping the world around me. I want to make a difference this year. It starts with those 3 numbers.

1000 – I am going to walk at least 1000 KMs, and I don’t mean walking to the fridge and back. I mean serious walking!

50 – I am going to write at least 50 blog posts of my thoughts to help inspire.

10 – I going to read at least 10 books this year, and I don’t mean sports magazines. In order to be better, I need to learn how.

Thanks again! Be good to yourself today.

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